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Ship Of Fools is a co-op voyage brawling with sea beasties

Roguelikelike roughhousing

Team17 today announced they're publishing Ship Of Fools, a two-player cooperative "action roguelite" about sailing and fighting through extremely hostile waters filled with all sorts of monsters. Made by Quebec studio Fika Productions, it's due to launch later this year. For now, check out the trailer below.

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Unlike the real sea, which is the very best place to be, the sea in Ship Of Fools is bad. Giant critters will attack your boat from the waves, and smaller ones will board you to nibble on your nose. So you and your pal (in local multiplayer or online) will team up to fend them off, manning cannons, fighting on the decks, repairing damage, and all that.

It's a bit roguelikelike, plotting your route across runs, finding upgrades for your weapons, unlocking upgrades and such, and sure, that looks like it could be fun. I mean, anything can be fun when you're shoulder-to-shoulder playing with a pal, but all this, all the stuff that is this, that seems like it could be fun. Quite pretty, too.

Ship Of Fools is due to launch later in 2022 on Steam, as well as unspecified consoles.

Fika Productions started out developing Ship Of Fools by themselves before being picked up by Team17 now. In 2021, they won a cash prize and mentoring from Ubisoft as part of a Quebecois competition.

Following a daft, unpopular, and hastily abandoned idea for NFTs earlier this year, quite a few Team17 employees made allegations of overworking, management failures, and low pay. Company CEO Michael Pattison later told staff that "action has to be taken" to improve the situation.

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