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Shipping Bricks: Brick-Force Out Now

Honestly, I just wanted to use that title. But if you want to play Minecraft with no mining, less crafting, and more in the way of shooting people in the face with a variety of firearms and explosives, you might want to download Brick-Force and take it for a spin. You can play it in the browser via Unity, or download a client. There's building, there's shooting, and of course, a shiny launch trailer. Which you can check out right here...

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I checked it out briefly, only to find myself trapped in the corner of the room unable to move. Due to a spider crawling through my window. Coincidentally though, the same thing happened in-game, which was a little irritating. Hopefully you'll have better luck. It did look endearingly cute though, and I hope one day the two worlds will mix so that we can finally eradicate the scourge of the Creepers with heavy weapons fire, just like the little green bastards deserve.

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