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Shooter Tutor: FPS Trainer

One of the things about PC gaming is that while mouse keyboard controls for FPS games seem to come naturally to us natives (even though we all had to learn them at some point) plenty of people find them hellish. They run around, staring at the floor, not really understanding what is going on. Even once they get used to moving and looking around, they're a long way from being competitive. It's just practice of course, but few games bother to really tutor you. This is where FPS Trainer comes in. The site explains: "The objective of the game is for players to rapidly improve their FPS skills based on sound training principles, in order to become more competitive at any online multiplayer FPS, such as Quake Live, Halo and Call of Duty. Skills will be directly transferable from our game to other FPS's." No idea how good it is in reality, but I'll be trying it out on the Lady Rossignol this evening, and see if I can't get her to eschew her normal diet of Diablo clones for a bit of something shooty.

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