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Show And Teleport: S.W.A.P.

First-person Freaky Friday

S.W.A.P. is a competitive multiplayer game with the structure and style of an arena-based first-person shooter. It supports up to eight players, split into two teams, and has a novel virus-based approach to capture the flag dynamics. The game is free, has a level editor and is available now. What else...?

There are no guns. It's a first-person shooter without any shooting, which means it's not really a first-person shooter at all. Instead, as the title suggests, players have a 'swapping' ability, which allows them to exchange locations with their opponents. Tactical teamplay and fast-paced farce.

S.W.A.P. has already made an appearance in the Freeware Garden but it deserves a second mention now that the first release candidate is available. The exchange system is smarter than you might think. Anyone who has played the kind of competitive FPS that so much of S.W.A.P. emulates will know that habits are formed as players become familiar with arena layouts, the speed of strafing and the momentum of movement. An experienced player often moves in patterns, from one location to the next either to collect respawning items at just the right moment, or to intercept onrushing foes.

In my limited experience, the swapping is to be used for ludicrous pratfalls rather than tactical victories. Sure, I could prevent the opposing team from winning the game by 'porting them away from our base at the last minute, but I'd much rather fool people into smashing themselves in a trap. In S.W.A.P., routines are fatal. The process of covering hotspots and forming patterns is thrown into disarray by every shift from one body to another, and when traps are taken into consideration, your own speed and momentum become a weapon to be used against you. To succeed, it's necessary to re-educate yourself.

And it's free! Free forever.

We do not have any plans to monetize S.W.A.P and are offering it FOR FREE, no strings attached. We’ve worked hard to make it the best experience possible, and we just want people to enjoy it.

Download via Desura or Itch.io. Links are on the game's page, along with a handy strategy guide.

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