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Sinister text-based hack-o-story Code 7 out soon

Not to be confused with Mode 7

Floppy drives ready. The first episode of creepy hacking-based interactive fiction Code 7 [official site] is due out on Friday. It’s that game about a suspicious AI and the collapse of a space station, you know the one. Oh, yes I see the problem here. Okay, it’s got sci-fi horror vibes and proper voice acting, remember? You type things like “robot.override” into the terminal and pray that bad things don’t happen. But obviously, they do. Remember? Yeah, well, the first of its five-part story is coming out August 11. You can peep at the trailer below to see what it looks like to be frightened and stuck inside an MS-DOS screen of the future.

Cover image for YouTube video

You play as agent Alex who is helping another agent, Sam, to uncover the reasons behind this station’s collapse and stop the bad robots from hurting more people. But there’s also some mysterious “third force” at work. The episodic decision-making will have consequences too, say developers Goodwolf Studio:

Broken into multiple instalments, each episode will introduce a new character (or characters) whom Alex will have to work with, together, as a team. You will have to make important decisions that will influence their course in the story and define their relationship with you in the final episode (provided, that is, they survive...).

You can still download and play the prologue for free, which Konstantinos said he liked a lot, at least until a particularly annoying hacking challenge (a “spot-the-flashing-letter and guess-the-word mini game”) forced him to shelve it. Hopefully, that’s been worked on a little. I'm a fan of the ol' hacking genre, and this has a definite Duskers-on-rails vibe.

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