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Skate City grinding onto PC from Apple Arcade

sk8 or live

While my attempts at learning to skateboard needed to end after an incident (shut up), I am a sucker for getting gnarly in video games. So I'm glad to see Skate City, a chill-lookin' sk8 'em up first released on Apple Arcade, is soon coming to PC. Doesn't look like it's super complex or spectacular, but to be honest I'm more interested in gentle skating through cities with a few tricks than I am landing a 900 on a vert. Have a look in the trailer below.

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That seems nice, doesn't it? Low-stakes skating through levels inspired by a few cities around the world. Tricks, but not hyper-technical. Recording tools for hot skate videos. Casual beats. And outfits and cosmetic bits to unlock. A challenge mode with high scores, or an endless mode. Yeah, I'd skate these streets. I'm definitely not like Brendy with his devotion to grinding his face off in OlliOlli 2.

Skate City is due out "soon" on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It'll also be on PS4, Xbone, and Nintendo Switch.

The game debuted on Apple Arcade in September, which I've not got so... anyone? What's it like?

I'm also still super-stoked for Skate Story, the chill skating journey through the underworld. Man-o! Gorgeous. Ah no, sorry Skate City, I can't raise Skate Story without immediately going to look at its Twitter and share a new clip with everyone.

Or for technical skaters (and lovers of wacky ragdoll compilations), Electronic Arts are making a new Skate - still early days for that, mind.

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