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Skreleton's Hotdog Kitchen: Exactly What It Sounds Like

Skreleton is in you and in me too.

Shooting things in virtual reality with the HTC Vive controllers is probably the best feeling I've ever had in a video game. I don't care how nonsensical the experience is, I just want to shoot stuff. Enter Skreleton's Hotdog Kitchen [official site] by Scott McBee, where you too can take the role of a skeleton shooting hot dogs into the mouths of giant floating heads with a crossbow.

These hot dogs aren't beef, though. They're made of whatever old garbage Skreleton had hanging around. That's okay, though because his magical blender turns anything that touches it into a hot dog. Once you've pureed a hot dog into existence, you have to shoot it into the mouths of your giant floating head friends with your hot dog bun crossbow.

That's pretty much the entire gist of the game. You just do that ad nauseum, but the surrealistic vistas of Skreleton's Hotdog Kitchen are definitely worth visiting if you have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with the Touch controllers.

You can shoot hot dogs to your heart's content by downloading Skreleton's Hotdog Kitchen from Itch, where you can name your own price.

Brendan did mention the game in this week's Free Loaders but it's worth pointing out again. You don't want to miss this hotdog action, do you?

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