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Sky Battles Has Arcade Dogfights With Titanic Monsters

Crimson Skies of the Colossus

When a writer says that a game is "X + Y", that's them taking a lazy shortcut towards capturing your interest. But also, Sky Battles is Crimson Skies + Shadow of the Colossus, and that does capture your interest. There's too few arcade flight combat games in the world, and there's certainly not enough which feature titanic beasts amid the dogfighters. The game's just been Greenlit, so have a gander at the trailer below.

I wonder if it would have been Greenlit faster if the trailer wasn't 360p with what appears to be stock dramatic music. It looks better in the other videos on the page, which were made by a couple of YouTubers.

The game has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes: in the former, your missions are to collect gems and destroy certain enemies in order to advance through the levels; in the latter, you're pit directly against other pilots, which seems like where the real game lies. The arcadeyness of it means that it pays little attention to actual physics, and you're able to do things like lay air mines.

There's something distinctly PlayStation 1/N64-ish about the artwork in the game, which is probably in part due to the one-man team, in part because it's also being made for mobile, and in part because doing silly stuff like this:

Which seems a fair reason to give lower graphical fidelity. If you're so inclined, there's a demo build of the game available to download from IndieDB.

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