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Sky Nations Takes Minecraft For A Balloon Ride

Minecraft has the ground covered, and Starmade does the whole "Minecraft in space" thing that was inevitable. But what about that bit in between? Where the ground isn't quite the ground, but it's definitely not space because there are no tweeting astronauts? That part of the world needs a game, if only to bridge the gap. That's where Sky Nations floats along: in it people will live and die and laugh and love and play a block-based multiplayer game in the sky. And how do they stay up there? Airships.

And we all know how RPS feels about airships. We love them. We adore them. We have nights where we all gather on servers and fire cannons at each other from them, which is exactly what Sky Nations does. Build your ship on one of the floating islands or jutting rock stacks, sculpt your own items to wear, gather resources, and head off into to the clouds of your server for adventure and battles. Or other servers. The thing that excites me most about this is that there will be linked worlds, allowing you to hop into another one with your ship. Exciting, and potentially dramatic!

Slightly sweary Let's Play video below.

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I understand people feel the blocky aesthetic has been overdone a bit, but if it allows people to make their game and test out ideas then I'm all for it. He has some really good notions for this: I love the idea of using ice on the deck of your ship to stop people from sky-diving onto it. Interested? You can buy it from here.

Via this Reddit post right here.

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