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Skyrim mod SkyTrek gives your Dragonborn autopilot

No, it's nothing to do with lightsabres

While fast travel is convenient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, teleporting around loses the wonder of roaming an open world. If only we could have the convenience of automatic travel without atmosphere ruining-loading screens. Friends, with the wonders of modern modding, we can now set a destination for our Dragonborn and watch them automatically walk or ride to your destination in real time. Call it slow travel. Call them self-driving characters. Call it a game to idly watch. Call it... new mod SkyTrek.

Set a destination, decided whether you want to get there by walking, riding a horse, or flying atop a dragon, then set your clockwork character on their merry way. They'll become a sort of PC NPC, the game taking over their pathfinding and AI to pick a sensible route. You can even choose to have your Skyrimmer automatically fight baddies along the way, fighting in one of several styles and with shouts if you really want.

This video from "Nirvana Paradox" shows that SkyTrek isn't perfect but, y'know, you're about as smart as any other person in Skryim:

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"SkyTrek is a mod that allows you to have a more hands-off experience so that you can enjoy the aesthetic of your game, or immersively have your character behave in an organic way while you eat lunch," SkyTrek creator "PhysicsFish" explains. "It is made primarily for roleplayers, screenarchers ["screenarchery" is snapping snazzy screenshots, slang-slingers -ed.] and anyone that records gameplay."

It can be nice to watch things amble around virtuaworlds, yeah? SkyTrek doesn't have the chaotic charm of the San Andreas Deer Cam, Brent Watanaba's mod project which followed a deer getting into all sorts of scrapes while roaming randomly around Grand Theft Auto V, but Skyrim's greatest strength is still the illusion of a world where hundreds of folks live virtualives.

Speaking of, SkyTrek also has the neat feature of setting your character to an "idle mode" where they'll potter about town or their home doing typical NPC idle tasks according to a schedule. Wind 'em up and watch 'em go.

SkyTrek is available from Nexus Mods for regular Skyrim and for Skyrim Special Edition. You might also want to combine it with the Dragonkiller Cart mod to ride around on a wagon of your very own.

I've thought about it and self-driving characters would be branded as self-driving Koor-Riik-Toors. Jokes, eh? I love Thu'um.

Ta to PCGamesN for pointing out this mod.

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