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Skyrim Beyond: Bruma mod travels to familiar lands

Old land, new stories

A corner of the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has arrived in Skyrim with the launch of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma [official site], a mod set around Cyrodil's city of Bruma. Unlike the still-in-development mod remaking Oblivion inside Skyrim, this mod is telling new stories set around the time of Skryim - 200 years after Oblivion. As well as recreating and updating the Bruma region, it brings new quests, characters, weapons, armour, music, and all that, plus a whopping 24,000-ish lines of voiced dialogue from a cast including professional actors. Fancy! Here, check out this trailer:

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma players can choose to start a new character in the region or simply travel there from Skyrim when they please.

You can download the mod from the Skyrim Nexus. You will need Skyrim's three DLCs -- Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn -- to play (or the Legendary Edition including them) as well as an unofficial memory patch like SKSE or SSME. The devs also recommend using the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. This mod is a biggun, see, so you want Skyrim in tip-top condition to play it.

The Beyond Skyrim project includes several teams working on different regions, hoping to eventually expand Skyrim with new contemporary tales from all corners of Tamriel. Their dev blog includes peeks at places from High Rock to Hammerfell. If you've got skills and time, hey, try signing up to help.

As for Skywind, the separate mod remaking Oblivion inside Skyrim, that's ticking along nicely too. In recent months, the devs have released videos showing off some of its new voice acting and the region of West Gash. Judging by the two minutes I just spent laughing at the name 'West Gash', I must have skipped that when I played Oblivion.

As for Skyblivion, the separate mod remaking Oblivion inside Skyrim, that's ticking along nicely too. In recent months, the devs have livestreamed work including landscaping the Colovian Highlands and creating the Gatekeeper. Let's pretend that I haven't forgotten what words mean during my week's holiday.

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