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Skyrim Combat Details, Uh, Detailed

There's a huge article on the combat system Bethesda have proposed for Skyrim over at Game Informer. The biggest changes seem to be that the animation system is now combined with PHYSICS so there's possibilities for knocking people off balance and then taking advantage of that, but also that blocking is timed, so that a shield doesn't behave as a permanent barrier to hide behind. There's a whole bunch of stuff about magic and other abilities, too, but I think the most interesting ranged-combat change is that to bows, as they will now take longer to string arrows on and ultimately have a bigger damage payoff - which is something I've often thought should be reflected in fantasy MMOs. Putting a couple of arrows in someone should probably end them. Anyway, go read the big blathering for further insights. Skyrim is sounding more and more interesting!

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