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Skyrim Mod Enderal's Trailer Explores The Undercity

We're going underground

The developers of upcoming Skyrim total conversion Enderal: The Shards of Order have released a new trailer, showing off a location dubbed the Undercity.

I'm curious: just how does one acquire a Shard of Order? First you'd need to shatter an intangible concept, which seems like a lot of hard work, even for a fantasy big boss. Ordering a Shard seems a lot easier: you can just have one custom-made by any number of Skyrim merchants. Enderal, whoever you are - you have my number. Call me.

Title aside, this trailer suggests that the dev team may have nailed at least one thing: a really strong sense of place. Have a watch and see if you agree about the Undercity. It looks to me like a place in which people might actually live, something a lot of open world games miss.

It's possible that the combination of atmospheric music, slick camera work and general resemblance to the grimy, hopeless underground communities of the Metro games has slipped the wool over my eyes, but I like to retain an open mind. And it does look rather lovely, yes? It's almost like a Skyrim version of the documentary Dark Days.

The TC's Moddb page doesn't feature a whole lot of information about the game, so there's no suggestion of whether this is Skyrim's mechanics transplanted into this new setting - of which the Undercity is just one part - or whether developers SureAI are aiming to shake the core game up and offer us a remixed interpretation. Either way, I have to say I'm curious to explore this intriguing city.

The trailer was released to help promote Enderal for the 2014 Moddb Mod of the Year Awards, and apparently Enderal took 2nd place last year. SureAI are shooting for 1st place this year: good luck to them. But seriously, Enderal, get in touch. I've got contacts who can make your life a lot easier.

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