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Skyrim is now available DRM-free from GOG

Brothers and sisters in binds no longer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released and re-released several times and is available for almost anything that plays games at this point. As of two days ago, it's even now available DRM-free from digital retailer The GOG release is "entirely playable offline" and includes all the Anniversary Edition content "without the need for Creation Club access."

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GOG announced the arrival earlier this week, saying it was part of GOG's celebrations for the store's 14th anniversary. At the time of writing, you can get the Anniversary edition for 50% off and the Special Edition for 67% off.

If you haven't kept up with Skyrim's re-releases, the Anniversary Edition was released last year to mark Skyrim's 10th birthday. It bundled the game together with all the Creation Club content released up to that point. The Creation Club, if you missed that, is a microtransaction store where Bethesda sell content made in partnership with the community. It's paid mods, sort of. It's included in the GOG release of the Anniversary Edition.

Being on GOG does mean no Steam Workshop access, but GOG say that their version of Skyrim is compatible with "most modifications mods via Nexus Mods Vortex v1.6.12 and newer". It should also support the Skyrim Script Extender.

It seems unlikely that there are many people left who haven't already bought Skyrim, but there's probably a few who will appreciate the opportunity to own it completely offline and DRM-free.

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