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Skyrim multiplayer mod is nearly Su Grah Dun

Eight-player magic

Here's one to put on your Fus Ra-Dar. A The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim multiplayer mod is about to enter closed beta, and will soon offer you and up to seven friends the chance to explore the snowy bit of Tamriel together. The devs say the closed beta won't last long, and an open one will be hot on its heels.

It is worth bearing in mind that they said the mod was almost ready back in 2017. You'd be forgiven for thinking it would (Duh) Neh Viir come out, but if you Lis Slen Nuz your doubts should be set to rest.

"No date is currently set" for the closed beta, they said on Saturday the 12th, but "it shouldn't be that long from now." The open beta will be announced "potentially a week or two after the closed".

Skyrim Together works like you'd expect, plonking your gang into Skyrim and letting you get up to everything you normally would. Quests, dragons, cheese tumbling: the whole package. Except you can't actually drop items on the floor, use shared containers or join any of the factions.

Here the devs go, dorking about in another mod to show off that being a thing you can do. It should work with anything that people have made using the Creation Kit.

Watch on YouTube

More details and japes can be found on their Youtube channel.

Bethesda objected to the mod using Steam's servers for some reason, the curs, so you won't be able to grab it via the Steam Workshop. It'll come with a separate launcher.

If you've got more than seven friends (or want a Tamrellian MMO that isn't TESCO), you'll be pleased to hear the eight player limit "has potential to be increased and will be investigated in the future".

I Kaan('t) Drem Ov a better mod. Fraser Brown might be able to though, after rounding up the best Skyrim mods on this very website.

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