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Skyrim’s revamped co-op mod has been downloaded almost 60,000 times in just three days

Can support more players than a clown car can fit clowns

The revamped co-op mod for Bethesda's classic fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim only launched on Friday, but it’s already been downloaded more than 59,000 times. The past three days have been very kind to Skyrim Together Reborn, which has been put together by mostly student modders in their spare time. They’ve even made a video guide on how to install, create a server and start playing with your Dragonborn mates, which you can watch below.

A handy set-up and starting guide from the creators of the Skyrim Together Reborn mod.

Creators Together Team say their “focus is to create a co-op like experience for about 2-8 players, not an MMO but we have tested with 30+ players”. Thirty players! I was going to make a pithy comment that it's the gaming equivalent of a clown car, but apparently they can only fit between 14 and 21 clowns inside. I used to be a clown, then I took a custard pie in the knee.

As I said on Friday, it’s recommended that one player act as the party leader to host a Together Reborn session. Due to the limitations of how the mod works, only the party leader can talk with NPCs to move quests on and nobody else can loot quest items. Other players can happily do away with monsters and bosses, complete quest-related puzzles and investigate dungeons, but Together Team recommend saving frequently. Here’s a link to the full FAQ and starting guide for the mod.

Skyrim Together Reborn is available for free on NexusMods. You can give the mod a go yourself as long as you’ve got the latest 1.6 patches of Skyrim: Special Edition or Anniversary Edition installed. You never know, some of this lot might find themselves working at Bethesda soon if Fallout: London is owt to go by.

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