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Slow News Day: Whatcha Playin'?

I was playing Bioshock 2 last night and thinking that the game actually feels like a prequel, or even a better take for the original concept. I mean I know that the story of the big daddies and all the jazz makes more sense if you've played the previous game, but somehow Bioshock 2 feels more like what I expected the original game to feel like. It's hard to qualify with any real clarity, and that's probably because I'm not getting enough sleep. The other stuff I've been playing includes Monaco, which we talked about here, and will talk about again, because it's just fantastic. I've also been slugging my way through Fallen Earth. I've been commissioned to write about it for another famed gaming journal, so I'll link to it when I can, but for a quick skip-to-the-end thought: it's surprisingly good. There are lots of traditional MMO annoyances in there, but also much that made me smile, especially making a horse. It's definitely worth hitting the ten day trial for some free nosing. An indie MMO with real promise.

Anyway, what are you lot playing? And why? Speak your brains!

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