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Sneaky: Ghost Recon Online Now In Open Beta

Zoinks, gang! Guh-guh-guh-guh, guh-guh-guh-guh-- highly trained military operatives! After a closed beta skulked its way through the Internet's murkiest rushes, Ghost Recon Online's seen fit to finally flip the open beta switch. This means that anyone - man, beast, or Nosferatu - with a working Internet connection can play it now. And if you're not one of those things? Well then, too bad.

In a welcome post, Ubisoft outlined what you'll need to do to get the open beta up-and-running as well as what's next. Unfortunately, the notoriously janky Uplay service comes part and parcel with the gadget-heavy F2P FPS, so that's the first hurdle you'll have to clear. After that, simply grab the client and you're good to go. There's also a handy-ish beginner's guide for the un-active-camouflaged masses, so you might want to give that a brief skim. For instance, I learned that Ghost Recon Online is both "fierce and visceral."  That, of course, is exactly how I describe myself when meeting new people. I also frequently add that I feature "objective-based matches where the player with the quicker trigger finger isn’t necessarily the winner."

On top of that, open beta heralds the beginning of weekly missions. This week's? Continue shooting things, but shoot them better.

"We're kicking off OB with the first of many weekly missions: Eagle Eye. The goal this week - maintain an accuracy of 15% over 5 matches and you will earn a rare Mark IV armor insert. These missions and their goals will change every week providing new and exciting challenges for you to overcome."

So that's the gist of it. Is GRO worth your time, though? Unfortunately, I don't actually know for sure. Friends who've spent time with it have told me it's pretty solid as far as F2P shooters go, but I've also heard reports of sketchy elements that make it pretty difficult to keep an even playing field without ponying up. So then, was anyone in the closed beta? Did it leave you without a penny to your name? Did it also take your name? Do you... do you need hug?

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