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Let's Play Some Air Buccaneers

UPDATE: From 7pm UK time? EDIT: Use .zip version of the game for Steam UT2004.
Keen-brained readers might recall a comments thread conversation we had about the lack of airships, balloons and other dirigibles in games. I decided we had to fix that, and the easiest way to do it was by starting up a game of the brilliantly barmy balloon combat mod for UT2004, Air Buccaneers. You probably don't remember it, as it was one of the more obscure mods of the time, but it's wonderful, mad, and remarkably atmospheric. In it two teams fight with cannons, blunderbusses, "air-mines" and other steampunk equipment, as they traverse the skies in rickety balloons. It's brilliant. I downloaded it, and booted it up and... disaster. No servers. Fortunately, the heroic men at PC Gamer UK stepped into the breach and put a server up! ( Now it's down to you lot to get the mod, and bring this work of airship excellence back to life, if just for a few evenings. More details below.

Okay, assuming interest - you guys are interested, right? - I'll try and be on for a bit tonight (Wednesday), and the again on Saturday. If there's lots of interest we'll try and sort out a competition of some kind.

And perhaps a kindly North American-based reader might look into temporarily setting up a North American server? That would be really good. Not vital, but great.

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As I say, we'll have to see how it goes, but I think bringing lost multiplayer games back from the dead is one of the best reasons to play games on the PC, and it's our duty to make them have a last hurrah. Today Air Buccaneers, tomorrow something else! Probably.

Obviously you'll need UT2004 to play, and I think that's on Steam, or can be picked up cheap elsewhere. Air Buccaneers is here, and the PC Gamer server is, well, the only one you'll see on the server browser.

To your cannons!

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