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Soar serenely through the sky in Jetstream

Zero turbulence

Pilot puzzler Jetstream flew into stores this week, bringing with it a calming set of puzzles about getting a plane to its destination. That's not so simple though, thanks to obstacles including tears in the space-time continuum and simple bad weather. It’s designed to be a “frictionless experience,” which explains all those lovely rounded edges in the art style. Here’s a tranquil trailer showing how it all works.

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I think they should play that music on commercial flights. It would make me much more happy to be crammed into a high-speed metal tube shot through the air. I’m not sure that I could be reassured about going through these teleportation portals, though, no matter how calming that pilot’s voice is.

“We’ll have you safely at your destination sooner or later,” he says, which feels like a personal attack on how slowly I have to work through these kinds of spatial puzzle games.

“You are never penalized for incorrect moves,” says the press release, which is excellent for the calming gameplay they’re going for. “Rewinding your moves to try again is just as rewarding as solving the puzzles themselves,” it continues, making me suspect that it was written by someone with a little more patience than I have.

“No knowledge of pilot skills required!” adds the Steam page. Just in case you were worried about that.

This is usually where I have to “write” more “jokes” so I appreciate developers Clockwork Acorn making my life easier and releasing this excellent educational video about how their levels are made instead.

Cover image for YouTube video

It’s that simple. I’m pretty sure this translates over to planning out the trajectories and flight paths of real planes too, Careless Whisper and all.

Jetstream is currently 10% off at £6.49/€7.37/$8.99 on Steam. You can also pick up the soundtrack either on Bandcamp, Steam or itch.io.

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