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Sokpop Collective Is A Cute Videogame GIF Factory

Unbearably lovely

Oh no, some of RPS's secret favourite game developers have teamed up to form a videogame collective. Their power to make delightful, colourful, physics-animated games, toys and joys will be too great for any of us to handle.

They're called Sokpop and they consist of Aran Koning, Tijmen Tio, Tom van den Boogaart and rubna. They've made a trailer of their work, which you can watch below, if you have space for so much levity inside of you.

Cover image for YouTube video

Tijmen Tio is working on the 2D circle-people-with-vegetables game. This one:

Tom van den Boogaart is working on... about half a dozen games. Those include Digital Bird Playground, which Pip wrote about this morning, but also a sequel to Bernband, which was the Bestest Best Being Pleasantly Lost Of 2014. He was also working on a first-person procedural sci-fi city bounty hunting game at one point, but I haven't seen GIFs of it in a while.

rubna has made a bunch of different games, but Alice enjoyed the world of little puzzle game Lisa so much she made a video of just spending time in it. I re-watch this video regularly:

Cover image for YouTube video

I have no idea what being in a collective together actually means. They all make games which seem to share a similar philosophy, but they're also all working on their own projects. Perhaps they will make a game together one day, but for now their Twitter account is a one-stop shop for feeling good about your day.

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