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Sokpop Collective are streaming all 77 of their games tomorrow

It's their birthday

Sokpop Collective are a band of game development pals who release a new game every two weeks via their Patreon. The games are all cute, frequently physicsy, but otherwise cover a broad range of genres. Genres like space golf, skeleton brawler, and rock paper scissors MMO.

To celebrate the Patreon's third birthday, they're taking to Twitch tomorrow to stream all 77 of their games. Even if you're a subscriber to the Patreon, it's doubtful you've played them all, so watching the developers play and talk about making them sounds like a good time.

The gang did a trailer for the anniversary announcement:

There are more details over on their Patreon, but the gist is that they'll play all their games beginning Sunday, January 17th at 9am GMT/10am CET/1am PT. It'll all be happening on the Sokpop Twitch channel, where you can set a reminder for yourself via the schedule page

Sokpop point out that if they "play every game just 5 minutes, it will still take at least 6.5 hours." I strongly suspect it'll run much longer than that, but it's not like you were going to do anything productive on a Sunday anyway.

If you want to play the games yourself, you can sign up to their Patreon via the links above, or grab all of them on Steam for $3 each or in various bundles. Sokpop have said that they plan on continuing to make games in 2021, although they're considering reducing the pace to 'just' one game a month.

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