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Some Stalker Fallout? 1C Proposes A Nuclear Union

1C and Men Of War men Best Way are making a post-apocalyptic RPG called Nuclear Union. This is basically party-based STALKER/Metro in the Men Of War engine.

Uh huh.

It's as if they sat down in a meeting and said "What would really make Jim Rossignol's head explode on a Friday afternoon?" Well, they came pretty damned close. A bit more on this, including the first trailer, below.

This is the most troubling press release opening line I can remember:

"Every child knows the glorious story that lead to today. When the Capitalist Alliance lead by the Americans refused to allow our defensive screen in Cuba, in 1962, and then attacked us with nuclear weapons. However our Motherland and the Soviet Forces were better prepared than the dogs knew. We leveled them, and half the planet, to show our sickle is sharp and the hammer hits hard indeed!"

It's fifty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis caused all out nuclear war, and now people are emerging from the bunkers of New Moscow to take back the world. Yes, it's all looking a bit Fallout-meets-Metro-via-Stalker. But it's being made by an RTS studio, with their RTS engine. And check out this bit of the FAQ: "Anomalous fields emerged on top of the Earth following the nuclear strikes, and animals and people who failed to hide out in the bunkers due to various reasons, mutated. Hence Nuclear Union will definitely feature anomalies and mutants!"

So yes: a party-based RPG using the Men Of War engine, with all the trappings of STALKER. Like so: "Nuclear Union features a third-person view camera. The player is unable to control the party members, but it is possible to do something about their behavior and to assign commands to them during the combat."

The trailer doesn't show any game footage, but [UPDATED] is apparently all in-engine:

Watch on YouTube

But we do know there's going to be a big old freely-roamable world: "The explorable world is constantly growing. The protagonist can move freely around any already-visited locations. The more the plot unfolds the more locations he will be able to visit. If we talk about the freedom in the game, it’s pretty large. There is a global goal, but it’s totally up to the player what steps they will take to achieve it. The freedom of the player’s actions will only be limited by their imagination."

And here are some images.


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