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Something About Pigskin? Quick Hit Football Beta

There should be a gameshow in which contestants pick a subject about which they know almost nothing, where the aim is to demonstrate the absolute minimum amount of knowledge about a subject. So getting something completely wrong doesn't score you anything, but showing any depth or proficiency of understanding about the subject gets you eliminated. My chosen subject that I know the bare minimum about would be American Football. Or as our American readers know it, baseball. See? No points, but I wasn't eliminated. I mention this in light of a new, free MMO called Quick Hit Football.

It's a sort of fantasy football-cum-persistent world, where you act as a coach to your team and compete in leagues. I'd love to tell you more, but sadly the promised key doesn't appear to arrive as quickly as you'd hope, meaning as yet I can't get into the thing. But I think it's safe to say if you're interested in a US football management game you're going to want to stand in line for one that's free. The developers describe the game like this:

"QUICK HIT FOOTBALL is a fully interactive, authentic football experience that lets you build, coach and manage your team to victory. Call the plays, pick the formations and manage the clock to dominate your opponent. You have all of the tools you need to turn your sports knowledge into winning football strategies."

So to sign up for a beta key make your way to the site, but ignore the bit on the front page where it says you'll be playing in minutes. That doesn't appear to apply just yet. However, it seems it will be free, and it won't require any download to get going once you can. Hopefully the Twinkles will make their way into the, er, big leagues? soon.

Have a trailer:

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