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Something For The Weekend: Marvel Brothel

Imagine if Professor Xavier decided that fighting battles so that the battles might stop was stupid. Imagine if he gave up fighting evil mutants. Imagine if, instead, he decided to bring about the acceptance of mutants with the power of love. Imagine a Brazilian man made a sim game of this for his brother's Birthday using RPG Maker 2003. That is Marvel Brothel.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, a weird game. Imagine trying to satisfy the voracious sexual appetite of The Incredible Hulk. That's the kind of game we're dealing with here. But I've not yet mentioned the weirdest thing about it.

The weirdest thing about Marvel Brothel is that it's not actually pornography in any sense, nor is it a joke game. It's a relatively serious little project. Months of effort went into it, and there is no tittilation. There's just trying to match clients with girls in an effort to raise enough cash to buy a bar, or upgrade the floor, or put a gym in the girls' resting room.

Once I found this out I was all set to finish Marvel Brothel and write something vaguely serious about it, but my game encountered a compiling error after I'd played for 25 minutes without saving, and I am, basically, spent.

Instead, I direct you all to this excellent blog post, which informs me that "the final challenge is an orgy to save the world from destruction. No lie."

Marvel Brothel can be acquired here. Thanks to my own, personal Deep Throat for the tipoff.

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