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Songbird Symphony dances into stores

Look at him jiggle

In the great dogs-versus-cats debate, the correct answer is birds. And along comes Songbird Symphony, released this week, to feature our feathered friends front and centre for once. The music-based platformer follows Birb, an orphaned chick out to figure out just where he came from. Don’t worry, he’s very upbeat about the whole thing, look.

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We all knew birds could sing, but who’d have thought they’re such good dancers? (Birds of Paradise aside, of course.)

I really, really loved Wandersong last year, so I’m happy to see another game with the same musical focus, and the kind of wholesome charm that’s harder to quantify but just as important. This looks a little more rhythm-based over Wandersong’s puzzles, which appeals for many reasons, not least of which is getting to see more of Birb’s pleasing jiggle.

It’s not just your own musical skills that’ll get better throughout the game. As you find secret notes hidden about, they’ll add extra layers to the soundtrack. It’s a neat way to link personal progression and the world changing around you, and make music meaningful beyond just the mechanic.

Songbird Symphony is now on Steam, with a 10% launch demo putting it at £12.59/$15.29/€13.49 for the rest of July. There’s also a demo available there, if you want to test out your tunes before committing.

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