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Souls-inspired platformer Dark Light enters early access this Friday

Don't shine it on the walls

Welcome to the year of cyberpunk in which all games must have futuristic tech. Dark Light is another of the sort, though it's calling itself a cyberpunk apocalypse instead of yer usual neon-splattered corporate dystopia. The Dark Souls and Metroid-inspired action game will have you hacking and shooting up invisible baddies when it launches in early access this Friday, May 8th.

Mirari & Co say you'll be battling supernatural creatures in the spooky flesh and tech world. They're invisible to the naked eye, only seen by the light of your floaty drone friend. "As a Dark Hunter you were dropped into a wreaked world," they say. "To survive, you need to equip yourself, fight through your way, collecting ‘shards’ from killing super nature creatures to reinforce your energy."

Apparently your drone friend also reveals hidden paths in the world. Mirari say that you can you can make your way through each zone however you please instead of being pushed through a linear path.

If you grab it in early access, Mirari say that Dark Light will start off with two multi-stage worlds, ten enemy types and three bosses. By release, they're planning on four worlds and over 20 enemy types. They suspect that they'll remain in early access about a year.

If that sounds like your jam, you can find it over on Steam where it will be available starting on Friday.

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