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Space Quest Sequel Finally Gets A Kickstarter

If you were to ask me, "Hey, John, which Sierra Online adventure series would you like to bring back to life?" I'd drive you crazy by not saying Quest For Glory, and in fact stamping my feet and shouting, "I WANT MORE SPACE QUEST!" Well, if only people will give the two original SQ creators $500,000, I'll have one! Indeed, it's this week's forty-seventy-billionth Kickstarter, but this is the one that counts, people!

So it's pretty awesome that both Two Guys From Andromeda, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, have reunited, and they seem to have gathered an impressive collection of voice actors they'd like to bring on board. Actors who are actually genuinely interested, enough to have recorded shakily-recorded videos of themselves promoting it. There's Rob Paulson, the voice of Pinky from Pinky & The Brain, StarCraft's Robert Clotworthy, the inestimable Gary Owens, narrator of SQ 4 and 6 and voice of Space Ghost, TF2's Sniper John Patrick Lowrie, and GLaDOS herself, Ellen McLain, all ready and willing to put voices to the Two Guys' writing. Take a look:

It doesn't look like they've secured the name just yet, with that rather odd "SpaceVenture" title they've put on the Kickstarter. I'm not convinced that will help, but presumably the rights are unpleasantly tangled. I'm sure I'll be just as happy with Woger Rilco, however.

Do the collective pockets of the world's nostalgic adventure gamers have another half million in them, after funding Tim Schafer, Al Lowe, and Jane Jensen's projects too? Gosh, I hope so, because if it's half as funny as Space Quest 4, then it'll be worth having.

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