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SPACECOM Wants To Deceive You On Steam Greenlight

SPACECOM trailer

The next year may end up bringing us X: Rebirth, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, each one a more staggering depiction of outerspace than we've ever seen. But for all their graphical eye-kisses, there's still room in my heart for cold blue circles against a background of deep black. That's what SPACECOM looks to offer: a multiplayer strategy game about deception with a clean, futuristic aesthetic.

You know what this makes me remember? That I actually started writing for RPS back in 2010, when briefly allegiances were set aside and new, less stable, more backstabby allegiances were formed for an enormous Neptune's Pride diary. Wait, wait, I'm having a guilt flashback. Hnnnngg.

Ah, I'm back. It's fine. I'm a different, more trustworthy person now.

SPACECOM aims for shorter matches between you and a friend, but the focus is similarly on streamlined fleet commands and misleading your opponents, without either the complicated tech trees or rapid clicking that defines other space-based strategy games. There's more information on its Steam Greenlight page, where you should vote for it so that one day we can play. I probably won't betray you.

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