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Spaceship management sim The Last Starship hits early access next week

Bigger and better things

Space management sim The Last Starship has moved early access plans forward from a hazy Spring release to next week on February 15th. Coming from Prison Architect’s devs, Last Starship has you build and customise your own fleet of spacecraft before taking them on various missions. If you want to try this spaceship builder now, there’s a free demo available on Steam as part of Steam’s Next Fest.

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Owning a massive spacecraft might sound like a huge power trip, but that’s until you remember the crew that relies on you for food, water, and basic survival. Of course, a happy crew is a productive crew, so managing their needs will ensure successful missions. If you don’t want to be encumbered by dreadful things like responsibility, a creative mode is available alongside the campaign.

Creative mode lets players build any type of vessel, without consideration for money, resources, and logistics. Is your spaceship unfeasible in every way? Who cares? The trailer shows off some titanic-sized vessels, some of them resemble ships from old sci-fi films and some of them look like massive mechanical beetles with small rooms hanging off the edge.

Players can take their mammoth designs across a procedurally generated universe with unique missions and scenarios in each system. You might even need your ship for more than just gawking, as enemy vessels are a common sight in deep space. So, you’ll need to make room for hefty weapons alongside the various engines and cabins.

Developers Introversion Software initially planned for a 2022 early access release, and after a small delay, it’s finally ready for takeoff. The Last Starship launches into Steam early access on February 15th for $30.

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