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Speed Raiser: Charity Gaming For Autism Research

Blisteringly fast gamers are currently racing their way through top games in front of a live audience to raise money for autism research. It's the Speed Demos Archive Summer Games Done Quick event, running from the 24th to the 28th, and you can watch it live. There are prizes to be won, games to be played, and large generous donations to be made.

Here's the event in the creators' own words...

This coming Thursday, May 24th we'll be kicking off a live speedrunning stream that will run non-stop for over four days. A wide assortment of SDA members will be behind the controls playing through over 70 games for your viewing pleasure. It promises to be an awesome time, but we've got agenda here past putting on a good show. The whole time we'll be taking donations for The Organization For Autism Research. They're definitely a cause worth supporting, and over the course of the event we'll be offering plenty of incentives for you to do so. There will be prizes to win, gameplay choices you can bid on, and even whole games that can be added to the schedule through the power of donations. So come watch and donate if you can, and even if you can't help out financially you should still check it out.

You'll find the stream and game list on the Speed Demos Archive and your credit card in your wallet or purse of choice. At the time of writing, they were blitzing through Alice: Madness Returns at an incredible lick. Other games and challenges on the hit-list include playing Hitman with only the suit, vanquishing VVVVV, and beating a load of smelly console things.

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