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Spelunking Fun: Pixeljunk Shooter Comes To PC

Not all junk.

What happens when you pour water over lava? You get steam. I think when Q-Games' Pixeljunk Shooter came out for the PS3 in 2009, where the player manipulates the levels using molten rock, water, and a magnetic fluid that I'm going to call "Polly", they were dropping a hint that it would eventually end-up on Steam. I told no-one of this supposition, but now I wish I had. The gloopy game of fluid dynamics is landing on the PC in November, and I would have looked amazing.

I remember seeing it back when it was first announced and cursing at the exclusivity. It's one thing to be exclusive for technical reasons, but quite another to be that way just because. The PC could easily handle the glorpy challenges that the 2D puzzle shooter has. I wanted to slosh and spill with friends as we attempted to rescue the spelunking scientists from their predicaments. You can watch that first trailer below and know that come November 11th, you'll be able to do just that.

Here's an interesting thing that I keep meaning to note: It's coming to PC, Mac, and Linux, and I'm seeing a lot of games making a point of their Mac and Linux conversions. Are conversions getting easier, has Valve suggested that they might all want to plan ahead?

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