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Spitlings will let you fling your teeth around with friends

Endless enamel

Upcoming local co-op arcade/dental horror game Spitlings is basically a very extreme version of those watermelon seeds spitting contests, except with teeth. These rectangular friends (the titular Spitlings) can chuck their chompers at enemies or use them to bounce around. You can see how it works in the trailer below, and also listen to the good soundtrack if you can avoid thinking about what’s making that continuous damp squish underneath it.

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“You know what the problem with multiplayer games is, right? The other players. It's always their fault if you lose!” says Spitlings. This game amps that simple truth up to 11. “You win together and you lose together, because if one player fails on a level, everyone has to start all over.”

“You get the cozy feeling of playing with your friends and the outrage of versus multiplayer on top,” they say. I can see this going wrong the second someone starts taking it too seriously, but, hey, that’s all multiplayer games.

Arcade mode might be more chilled out fun, as you can edit (unspecified) game options to set things up your way, and a level editor will let you make your own, personalised murder chambers. Plus, if you get too fed up of carrying you can always play solo as well.

This isn’t the only spit-based game we’ve seen lately, with the saliva-flinging Spitkissers coming out a few months ago. Perhaps this is a bold new frontier for video games.

Spitlings doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s apparently “coming soon” and you can follow along from its Steam page.

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