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SPOILER: Rodents of Unusual Size exist.

Why am I smiling? I know something you don't know.

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Thanks, Gametrailers - you would never enter a land war in Asia.

Of course, yeah, alarm bells and all that. There's clearly room for a great Princess Bride game - it was the single clear influence on the Monkey Island games, for example. A Lucasarts Princess Bride game would have no reason not to be divine. While there's very few details on the site, it seems that it's taking a more mini-game sort of route. Which doesn't bode well, though the phrase "Restore the true love meter" is - I suspect - only inadvertently funny. And, please, feel free to quote your favourite lines from the Princess Bride ad nauseum in the comments thread.

EDIT: As Dan points out in the thread, there's footage of the game on WWBiggies showreel here. Click Games, watch the stuff with Dogs, then admire this thing which looks terrible beyond all mortal measure. The dogs are cute though. Cute dogs.

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