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Spook snapper Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water will be haunting PC on October 28th

Just in time for Halloween

Fatal Frame’s premise has always tickled me. It’s a survival horror series where you fight off ghosts by taking their picture. It feels like a commentary on paparazzi and celebrities as the spirits gurn and whack away at the lens, but it probably isn’t. It’s been a console series for a while, but this year's E3 saw the announcement of a PC remaster of the Wii U’s Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water. Now we've finally got a release date for it: October 28th.

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Using the Camera Obscura weapon, you’ll have to travel up a haunted mountain, tackling the spirits that haunt the area’s streams. As the withering spooks launch themselves at you, you have to frame photos that’ll damage the spirits. The closer you get, the higher the damage. It sounds an awful lot like trying to take a photo of my mum, tbh.

Swapping the camera’s lenses and film will let you fight stronger ghouls, or help you to investigate clues. Each ghost has a past that you need to uncover, with every death explaining more and more about why the mountain is so haunted.

It’s one of the few games that can justify a full-featured photo mode in-game, so the remaster has added one. After all those fights, you’ll be able to pose defeated enemies and dress them up to take selfies with them. You'll also be able to change your clothes, so you can pose in traditional ghost-hunting garb of swimsuits and a 'Cutesy Goth Ensemble'. I'd be more scared of the Instagram comments than the ghosts. Collabs are far scarier.

In any case, developers Koei Tecmo have certainly chosen an apt release date for their photography horror fest. It will be out October 28th on Steam.

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