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Unlife Is Strange: Spooky Selfie

Be a cool skeleton snapping selfies

It's officially Selfie Week here at Rock, Paper, Shotgun! I mean, sure, why not? That could be true.

Yesterday we reviewed Life Is Strange, which stars a teenager with an artistic eye for selfies. While many take selfies to document and share their lives, what about those post-life? As memorials go, a granite slab is a bit, you know, grave. The dead have fun sides too, and none more than those grinning, cackling skeletons. You'll see that in Spooky Selfie [official site], a free first-person photographer about a skeleton snapping selfies.

You're a skeleton, right, and you're in a graveyard, right, and you have a phone, right, and you can take selfies, right, and it adds goofy captions, yeah? That's it, and that's certainly enough for me to enjoy for a few minutes.

The graveyard's made of bits found free in asset stores. The bulk look like they're from a set inspired by Diablo III's style, which makes wandering around inside it as a skeleton snapping selfies even sillier.

Perhaps that's why D3 doesn't have a Necromancer class - the skeletons of Sanctuary found a stash of pocket telephones from a planar rift and are all off taking selfies and recording cinnamon challenge videos. The Necromancer certainly never let his skeletons dance to cheery tunes

Made by Brenden Gibbons, Spooky Selfie is free to play in your browser.

Even World of Warcraft is getting in on selfies too, you know.

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