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Spooky Voice: Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Announced

Biohazard 0, a poem by Alice O'Connor age 31

Do you cry, o hazard?
They call you a 'Resident Evil'
Those nasty people
Then sneer that you're 'Zero'
But o hazard look at you now: a hero
You're being redone by Capcom who make Devil May Cry which has a character named Nero.

Capcom announced this morning that they're giving the 2002 prequel to Resident Evil the old updatearoo. They say this new version will be "a modern update similar to this year's enhanced REmake", the pretty version of Resident Evil that Adam really quite enjoyed.

I never played Zero myself, but heard not-super-great-things about it. It arrived three years before the amazing Resident Evil 4, at a time when the series had slumped quite nastily and was mired in Umbrella Corporation guff. Heck, it's a prequel - the most tedious type of lorebomb. But I'd imagine you know more than me on this subject and would delight in telling everyone about it in the comments?

The new version of Resident Evil 0 will arrive in "early 2016", Capcom say, but they don't have much to say about it beyond that. We have one screenshot to peer at too, that one up top. They have, however, set the game's original director Koji Oda working on it, along with other folks who worked on it back in the day, so we can probably expect it'll be jolly faithful and loving.

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