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Square Enix announce new strategy RPG The DioField Chronicle

With music from Game Of Thrones composers

Square Enix last night announced a brand new strategy RPG with real-time tactical battles, named The DioField Chronicle. Slated to launch later in 2022, it has some lovely diorama-looking cities, and ever-welcome mega-massive-turbo-world-exploding spells. See for yourself in the announcement trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe DioField Chronicle - Debut Trailer

"The battles in this game are defined by real-time assessment of battlefield conditions and issuing decisive orders that take advantage of your troops strengths and weaknesses to gain advantage over your foe," Squeenix say. "Make clever use of a variety of skills, classes and equipment to complete your mission."

Also there's a whole story about a peaceful kingdom on DioField Island (there you go) who end up targetted by two foreign powers hungry for the kingdom's Jade, which is used in magic. We'll take control of the Blue Fox mercenary company to defend 'em.

Running around base in a third-person view in a The DioField Chronicle screenshot.
It's not all a zoomed-out diorama-o-rama, mind.

Squeenix are making The DioField Chronicle with Japanese studio Lancarse Ltd. They also boast about having character designs by Taiki (character designer on Lord of Vermilion III & IV), concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo of Final Fantasy XII and XIII, and music from two Game Of Thrones composers, Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell.

I do like the diorama style for the warzones. Very nice. Always a fan of tiny things.

The DioField Chronicle is coming to Steam "later this year". It'll also be on Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbone, and Xbox Xeriex XS. For now, the game's website has more info on the characters and world.

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