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Square Enix Humble Bundle Is A Curious Grab Bag

Good, bad, and curious

The Humble Bundle Square Enix Bundle 2 is not a collection of classics, but it is a cheap way to check out some divisive and unpopular games you might be curious about. Sure, I've heard bad things about the new Thief but I would like to see for myself. I'm still not sure what Murdered: Soul Suspect was. And man, Kane & Lynch 2 is a game you should be curious about. It's an interesting bundle, with a few really solid games too. I've got the good'uns already, but will probably pick the pay-what-you-want bundle up for its curios.

It's the usual Humble Bundle setup: a load of games are split up into packages, the more you pay the more you get, and you can divide the cash between Squeenix, Humble, and a charity. $1 (65p) will get you sneak-o-murder 'em up Hitman: Absolution (which was pretty pants), divisive RTS Supreme Commander 2, and Android-only murder puzzler Hitman GO (I dunno, how is it?).

Beating the average, which is about $8 (£5) as I write this, gets you the second lot too. This includes 451 'em up Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, both Kane & Lynch murderman games (K&L 2 is really misunderstood, you guys), puzzle-platformer Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (which has ace co-op), wacky space station management sim Startopia, the not-very-Thief-y new Thief, and the curious Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Then paying at least $15 (£9.50) gets you the new Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs too (not the version including Sleeping Dogs' great gobs of DLC).

So, you see, it's a mix of decent games and curios that I fancy playing just to see quite what they're about. They're mostly only for Windows, but some have Mac versions too. No Linux this time. And Hitman GO is only for Android pocket telephones, tablets, phablets, and so on. You've got another five-and-a-bit days to buy this Humble Bundle before it vanishes for ever and ever and ever.

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