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Square Enix's take on the farming RPG is out now

Harvestella blends crops and combat

Harvestella, Square Enix's swing at the farm 'em up, is out now. It bundles crop management together with monsters to biff in a fantasy world where a new season called Quietus is muscling in like an extra mean version of winter. You'll find a launch trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoHARVESTELLA – Available Now Trailer

The obvious touch point when talking farming games these days is Stardew Valley, but the heavy emphasis on RPG combat here puts it more into Rune Factory territory. It's also firmly in Square Enix's comfort zone: there are crystals and they're going wrong; there's an amnesiac protagonist; and there's a Jobs system.

The Job scan be switched between at any time during combat and determine what weapons and abilities you can use, and the options include Fighter, Mage, Shadow Walker and Sky Lancer. You can, of course, use the ingredients you grow in your farm to make meals which apply buffs to your character to help them in battle.

I'm also a fan of its vegetable names, which include the likes of carrops and cucumbles, and its animal names, such as cluffowls and woolums. These are fun words to say.

You can grab Harvestella from Steam now for £50/$60/€60.

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