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Squeeelite: Elite: Dangerous Orchestral Trailer

Capital ship ruckus visualised

There's not a synapse in the rational part of my mind that believes that Elite: Dangerous could possibly look this good, but the rest of my body thinks that that part of my mind is snobby and doesn't invite it to parties. I just distracted it with Facebook posts from the people I grew up with so the rest of me could be wowed by the 'Damocles' video. The video below is the visualisation that Frontier sent to potential composers, who had to add a score to back-up the action. They've released the video with the winning composer's contribution. You must take it in. It's what eyes and ears were built for.

Well done, Erasmus Talbot. You have managed to impress me and (more importantly) Frontier with your swooping orchestral score. You're also leading the Elite series away from the classical, pre-scored tracks into the scary world of bespoke music, which I'd be terrified of. I think it works rather well alongside the brilliant space battle.

As for the video: WOW! I had to stop myself from pledging another chunk of money. That said, I am putting on weight, and a month of foraging for food would probably help me appreciate where it comes from. It's really an investment in my long-term health.

Cover image for YouTube video

It's out 2014 and I might just hibernate until then.

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