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Bez it up in Stage Presence

Here we are now, entertain us

Dust off your microphone, squeeze into your gold lamé hotpants, toss your best frock over the top, turn your cap backwards, strap on your nail-spiked gauntlets (careful now!), and put your hood up, as Stage Presence [official site] has been released. Again. To refresh your memory, Stage Presence is a game where, following a catastrophic equipment failure at a gig, we're given the microphone to entertain the crowd by singing, showing off, and generally Bezzing. They may not be forgiving. After a prototype release in 2015, Sea Green Games teamed up with publishers Tinybuild to expand it and ta-da! here we are now. Entertain us.

Stage Presence, then, will order you to do different things with your voice - go louder, quieter, and whatnot - as you sing, tell stories, growl, howl, or otherwise make noise. Follow directions and the crowd will love you. You have wacky props and gadgets on hand to help too. Muff it up and they'll hurl bottles and glow sticks, shine laser pointers, and generally try to throw you off. Interestingly, Stage Presence's multiplayer side puts other players in the crowd to cheer you on or throw you off.

Along with individual levels, it does have an endless survival mode along with a karaoke mode where you can feed it tracks and sing, sing to the huge adoring crowd you know your Freebird deserves.

The game was originally created for VR with motion controllers but they're not mandatory - goggs optional. And like many of Tinybuild's games, it's Twitched up with features like putting them in the audience and feeding Twitch chat into the game. Oh, the youth of today!

Stage Presence is £6.29/8,99€/$8.99 on Steam, which includes a small launch discount. It supports Vive, Rift, and OSVR goggles. Voila, video:

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