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Star Exodus reminded me that I want a space RTS

It might be good, but the trailer is unconvincing

I didn't realise how much I wanted a proper good space RTS until I saw the trailer for Star Exodus. It's got heavy Battlestar Galactica vibes, as it's about leading the last survivors of humanity across the galaxy, trying to keep morale up, and getting into scraps with various enemies. It also looks slightly naff, like a budget concept trailer for a game that doesn't quite exist yet.

See what I mean for yourself:

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I am well up for a game in which I have to make tough decisions about resources, shimmy around ship innards to keep survivors alive and happy, and command fleets to pew-pew alien bads.

The trailer shows bits of that, but... the menu buttons look like placeholders. And you see very little of the ships actually moving, and no transition animations between 'flying forward a bit' and 'fire lasers for a bit.' And a lot of the time when the ships are being told to go forward, it's not clear why, because they were already moving forward and also there's nothing to move forward towards.

My guess is it's simply early days, and they want to start getting wishlists over on their Steam page. Fair enough. I'm given some hope that the game will bear fruit given that its publisher is Game Operators, who also publish 911 Operator, the surprisingly decent strategy game about running an emergency service dispatch.

But yes, my appetite is whetted. I want a proper new Homeworld - or, if I'm really honest with myself, a new Star Trek: Armada.

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