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Star Trek: Infinite Space Announced A Bit

A browser-based Star Trek free-to-play MMO was just announced last night. Did you know that? I didn't. But we all do now. It's being developed by German team, Keen Games (who have previously made What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver (if only that were a question and answer), and G-Force guinea pig-based movie tie-in), and published by GameForge. Neither of whom have gotten around to adding the game to their own websites. Which is always an odd choice. I've nothing to link to. There's a trailer that I'm certain contains absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the game below.

I'm sure I've seen this footage before somewhere. Is it a major war scene from one of the movies/TV shows? Or have they built this for their project? Because if this is what the browser-based game is going to look like, we're going to need a bigger browser.

Cover image for YouTube video

So, what it actually is, will look like, and will involve, is a little vague. I suspect that's because they don't know either. A press release assures us that it will be tremendously accurate, and very good. Which is good to hear. However, the release is primarily a recruitment drive to get more people on board to develop the game. Literally the only information is that it's in a browser, 3D, and free-to-play.

So, er, um.

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