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Star Wars and sports stars: EA's E3 press conference live

Star Wars and sports stars

Electronic Arts are kicking off E3 this year with their own press conference, which starts at 12pm local time here in Los Angeles. That’s 3PM Eastern, 8PM in the UK…around fifteen minutes from now. You can watch the conference live in the stream below, and I’ll be covering the main stories as soon as they happen.

Highlights will include more details on Star Wars: Battlefront II, hopefully letting us know what to expect from the singleplayer campaign, and a closer look at the just-announced Need For Speed Payback. Also sports. Lots of sports, including the two most popular varieties of football in the form of FIFA and Madden. The latter almost certainly won’t be announced for PC, which is a shame because American Football is a turn-based strategy game, so PC should be its natural home.

Edit: there's a strong suggestion that we'll get at least a teaser trailer for BioWare's mysterious Project Dylan, which probably has nothing to do with either the Nobel Prize winning electric Judas or The Magic Roundabout.

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I’m predicting sports and Star Wars to dominate, even if Battlefront II is the only title on show from the Lucasverse. If EA do have a trick up their digital sleeves, it might well be the first glimpse, or even an extended look, at the as-yet-untitled Star Wars open world action game that brought Naughty Dog’s Amy Hennig to the publisher.
If there are any surprises – Skate 4 trundling into view perhaps? – I’ll bring them to you asap. But if you’re watching, prepare for sports, Star Wars and speed.

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