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Star Wars Battlefront 2's new trailer teases December plans

By your command, Dr Spock

Even setting aside the loot box debacle for a moment, it's easy to argue that Star Wars Battlefront 2 was incomplete at release given that the singleplayer campaign ending on a To Be Continued screen. That should change soon, as there's a sizeable pile of content rolling out for the Star Wars shootyfest. The latest trailer details the first season of updates for the game and gives us a good peek at what to expect this December, as the singleplayer campaign continues and The Last Jedi tie-in content rolls out.

Anyone else notice that the First Order AT-AT walkers have been upgraded to look like they've got grumpy red-eyed faces? I know that the imperial remnant forces are trying to look as big and tough as possible, but that's just silly. Plus, they look a bit like oversized knock-off Cylons. Still, I adore the look of the new planet they've been deployed en-masse to, Crait. It seems that every walker footstep, weapon impact or hover-vehicle's wake cuts through a thin white crust on the surface, kicking up a plume of dense, dark red dust below. It's a stunning bit of sci-fi spectacle, and should make for an interesting battlefield, even if there doesn't seem to be much in the way of cover to dig into. The surface looks to be a rather vehicular-focused setpiece while footsoldiers duke it out in the crystal-lined caverns below.

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December 13th will see the first bundle of Season 1 content arrive in the game, including playable heroes Finn and Phasma, Crait (a Galactic Assault map), a new Starfighter Assault map called D'Qar (along with a new hero A-Wing) and the continuation of the single-player campaign, resuming the story of Iden Versio as she continues to skirt around the periphery of the setting, playing witness to important events but having no lasting impact upon the larger series canon.

You can see the full calendar for December here, although the vast majority of notable events are happening on the 13th, with the rest of the month being dominated by weekly events, nudging players from one play-mode to another in search of time-limited rewards. It's a logical enough way to run a multiplayer game intended to survive long-term, but feels a little bit half-hearted in the midst of the current issues reported with the game.

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