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3 For 3? Stash: No Loot Left Behind Kickstarter

My one and only crowdfunding campaign, for a Twix, was a rip-roaring success

Given the relative youth of the platform, there are very few Kickstarter veterans. Even Double Fine, who really kicked off the Kickstarter rush, are still deep in development of their inaugural success story. FrogDice are an exception, having already Kickstarted and released two games in just over a year. Now they're on their third, Stash: No Loot Left Behind, a free-to-play online RPG that takes inspiration from tabletop gaming and classic RPGs. It's described as a "graphical successor" to Threshold, their 18-year-old roleplaying-mandatory MUD, and it looks rather charming.

They're cramming a lot of stuff into their $100k goal - procedural generation, story content, a host of multiplayer options. It will be a challenge to keep the March 2015 deadline and still have a quality product, but Adam's been impressed with their work before. Heavily customisable player housing, known as BOOs (Base of Operations--either a genius name or awful), is what I'd pick out of the pack as particularly cool.

The free-to-play aspect might cause a frown. FrogDice plan to sell more than cosmetic items, but do say that everything character-affecting won't be payment-only. It's a deeper worry for PvP, with actual humans to buy your way above. The basic starter package also includes XP boosts, which are never an indicator of a good design--either you're out-levelling content or it wasn't balanced properly in the first place.

None of it is the end of the world, but (as always) make sure you know what the deal is before pledging. A $15 buy-in will get you the starter package along with a bunch of other bonuses, and all pledge levels get you double their value of the in-game currency. There's a bit more info in the first Kickstarter update, including details on a live Q&A happening soon.

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