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Statue puzzler The Sojourn switches its way into stores

Who turned out the lights?

With the autumn equinox right on the doorstep, I’m still daydreaming about lying down under the bright sun of The Sojourn. The ground’s not very stable and there are some questions about the nature of reality itself going on, but I’ll make it work. You too can imagine a lovely catnap while ignoring everything else going on in the trailer below.

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Okay, okay, clearly there are things to be done beyond dozing in the sunshine. In fact, that sunshine is just one part of the equation, balanced out by the shadows that you’ll be trying to eradicate as you work your way through its puzzly narrative.

Alice Bee played some of it at Gamescom, describing its spatial, statue-based headscratchers like so:

“The statues and sculptures do different things, so you have to get them in the right place. And you yourself are one of the pieces, which adds a whole other layer of ‘Oh, wait, no, I did that wrong…’ to proceedings.”

Stepping into the darkened version of the world is necessary to reveal hidden things and figure out the interactions with the sunlit one. As is the way with these things, different puzzle pieces like pads and gates and magic harps layer up to make things more complicated as you go along.

Of course, all of this only counts if you can stop gawping at its very pretty architecture and tumbling waterfalls and spindly trees, which you would be quite forgiven for being distracted by.

The Sojourn is available now on the Epic Games Store for £20.

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