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Steam's Adding Eleven More Local Currencies

Mo money

Valve now want even more money for Steam! Types of money, I mean. Types. Their online store is planning to add a further eleven currencies, with five already popped in overnight. You can now pay for your Steam games with local currencies from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. With more to come. Including, rather surprisingly, Canada.

Surprising because it wasn't a store already. With the Canadian section of North America being an awful lot bigger than its southerly neighbour, you'd think Canadians would exert their top-bunk powers more often. But in fact the overwhelming presence of maple syrup makes moving around far more difficult, wading through pools of the gloop, let alone being able to exert financial authority. So it is that soon Canadians will be able to pay in their very own dollars, carved from maple trees, and each individually kissed by a moose.

Also on the soon-to-be list are Mexico, Korea, Turkey and Norway, and very recently they added Japanese Yen. And yes, you're right - I have only made pathetic nonsense stereotypical comments about the Canadians, and not all the other nations. And why? Because I'm a coward.

That will bring the tally of Steam shop alternatives to 16, and they add that "new payment methods" will be added too - it's not clear what those might be.

Is this good news? I suppose it very much depends if you're about to get whoppingly screwed by exchange rates, or publishers' opting to charge far more on your local store. Or perhaps the exact reverse.

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