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Get Spooky With Steam And GOG Halloween Sales

Scary good deals

Want some treats this year for Halloween? You don't have to run around carrying a plastic orange pumpkin bucket (or a pillowcase, if your parents didn't want to spring for that kind of thing.) You need only look to the Steam Halloween Sale for delicious candies in the form of video games, of which there are a lot.

The Steam Halloween Sale has some excellent games up for grabs, like the criminally underrated Condemned: Criminal Origins at 75% off, or Outlast for 75% off as well. Unless you're insane, you probably already have multiple copies of System Shock 2 and Sanitarium, but on the off chance you just haven't undergone treatment for that ailment yet you can snag them for 75% off and 50% respectively.

Other great, creepy games included in the sale are Dead Space, The Evil Within, Layers of Fear and Soma, all of which are worth your time and attention if I do say so myself. Didn't see a game you were interested in here? Check out the full list on Steam.

But like in real life, just like you'd run from one Halloween party to another, you can jet over to GOG for some devilishly good sales as well. Its Scary Door sale includes Oxenfree, Sunless Sea, Costume Quest, and a whole lot more.

The Steam Halloween Sale ends on November 1, while the Halloween Monster Hunt sale ends on November 2. There's plenty for you to rot your teeth out on there, my precious candykins, so make sure you brush them after every purchase you make. And play a little extra System Shock 2 just for me, while you're at it.

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